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Dj sets of Brazilian stuff.

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ChicoCorrea 09 jul 07

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The composer and singer Fernanda Cabral gives us a personal and intimate space of creation. Her work has brilliant echoes in several projects with great artists such as Pedro Guerra "Solamente Negra", Zezo Ribeiro "Um Coração na Estrada", "Pupila de Agua" - by Casa Incierta theatre play and others...

Among the magic kitchen of the group Wagon Cookin’ she composed the well succeed song "Mar" that gets great dancers like Gilles Peterson, Russ Dewbury o Rainer Trüby and a little bit later also included "Lua"- the next collaboration work in partnership of Fernanda Cabral with ’Wagon Cookin’- in "Glucklich V- A Collection of Brazilian Flavours from the Past and the Present"(2002). On the CD "Asorted Cookin’ (2003) it is included a new version of "Mar" -this time acoustic - with the brothers Garayalde with the guitar player Mario Juaréz - El Pájaro, que había recorrido los escenarios de los clubs de música en vivo junto a la compositora. In June of 2007 is showed in the market "Desejo", the last collaboration of Fernanda in the new work of the Cookin’ "2 Faces".

Last year she recorded with the brazilian producer and DJ Chico Correa the first song of his disc "Eu Pisei na Pedra" remixed by DJ LUCIO K and "Coco de Elevador"on the CD "Chico Correa & Electronic Band" (2006).

Actually she prepares her first disc on her own alternanting studios the studios for recording between Brazil and Spain making up with Chico César, Leo Minax and the producer and piano player Cope Gutiérrez. From this work we wait anxiously for several surprises...

By this time we can listen here to the unpublished song with the lyrics by Chico Cesar and the hand of Suso Saiz in the production.

"The short hour, in its lines, the path. In the air your dance moves on, search horizons in your proper essence..." Fernanda Cabral

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ChicoCorrea&PocketBand + Totonho

Who is totonho e os cabra>

Live pa ChicoCorrea&PocketBand (ChicoCorrea , Victor Ramalho) with Totonho at Multiplicidade (may 2007 - rio de janeiro).

Live pa ChicoCorrea&PocketBand (ChicoCorrea , Victor Ramalho) with Totonho at Raix&Remix Festival (Aug 2007 - Petrolina)