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samples - eu pisei na pedra

loops para remix - bpm 90 - V - Efx ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand Download
loops para remix - bpm 90 - III - Groove box ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand Download
loops para remix - bpm 90 - II. electronicband ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand Download
loops para remix - bpm 90 - I. vozes Fernanda ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand Download
loops para remix - bpm 90 - IV - Ritmo Organico ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand Download
Eu Pisei na Pedra ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand Download

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April 28, 2007

Saturdays Are For Emails: Chico Correa & Electronic Band’s World View
by E.J. @ 3:41 pm.

I try to go thru my emails with a fine-toothed comb when time permits, and Saturday is frequently my best opportunity. How pleased I was to receive an email from Brazilian artist Chico Correa which contained a link to his self-titled album, released by Japanese net label Bump Foot. I will confess: when I read his name, my mind went where yours just did — boy, that name…it seems so…familiar! The sound, however, was anything but familiar to me.

What I got to hear was a mixture of very stripped down ambient electronic music a la Air supported by scorching female vocals mixed with distinctly Brazilian-influenced rhythms a la Flora Purim or Aierto Moirera. This fine combination resonates throughout all the tracks I heard, taking cues from all of these sources while never imitating to the point of confusion. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the language of Brazil: there is something smolderingly sexual to me about the sound of Portugese, particularly when blended with thundering percussion, horns, and driving bass lines. This collection’s jazzist leanings are actually rounded out through the introduction of sparse electronic meanderings — echoes, various piano structures, and the like — to create a fluid and memorable ambience.

I’m confident that this represents an awakening to some kind of music that people have been listening to for some period of time. If it doesn’t and I’m hearing something wholly unique, color me pleased and surprised. I think you, too, will find it worth listening to. Here are two of my favorites from the album, “Lele” and “Eu Pisei Na Pedra”.

Chico Correa & Electronic Band - Lele
Chico Correa & Electronic Band - Eu Pisei Na Pedra

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BSWC One-a-Day

Apr 22, 2007
BSWC One-a-Day: Chico Correa & Electronic Band - Bossinha (Aquilez Remix)

If you haven't already figured it out I'm here to tell you that Bumpfoot is a phenomenal netlabel. My tastes tend more towards the "foot" side of the operation...there you have it.

Chico Correa and Electronic Band put this net gem out last October. I missed it then, but sniffing around Bumpfoot these last few days turned it up.

These guys are from Brazil and lay down a nice fusion of sounds

ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand mp3 (release 2006)

release notes

Chico Correa & Electronic Band, the first artist from Brazil! Here's their self-titled album with latin flavour and electronic sound. It brings us an enjoyable trip.

track list:

Eu Pisei Na Pedra (4:06)
Cantador (1:31)
Mangangá (4:24)
Bossinha (3:17)
Coco De Elevador (4:12)
Terra (3:14)
Baião Lo-fi (5:28)
Lelê (3:59)
Odete (remix 2006) (4:47)
Baile Muderno (3:13)
Descanso De Tela (2:16)
Cantador (Armando Antonio Remix) (5:18)
Bossinha (Aquilez Remix) (9:00)

MP3, total time 54:46 total size 100MB

download at:

Chico Correa
Esmeraldo Marques aka Chico Correa, producer, DJ and musician from Northeasth, Paraiba state - Brazil.

His productions are based on Brazilian folk melodies and rhythms such as coco, baiao, samba, carimbó mixed with eletronic stuff and audio processing.

The Chico Correa & Electronic Band's album, released in 2006, is a result of years experimenting fusion between organic and electronic music. Chico Correa & Electronic Band acts as live as a 6 musician band and a VJ. Has performed in important events in Brazil like Tim Festival and Abril Pro Rock. The ensemble consists in Chico Correa (guitar / grooveboxes / synth), Stephan (sax), Larissa Montenegro (voice), João Cass (percussion), Vitor (drums), Orlando Freitas (bass and pifano flute) and VJ Carlos Dowling.

Alone, Chico Correa works producing remixes and sound tracks. Has produced his Chico Correa & Electronic Band's album last year, co-produced brazilian group Cabruera's Sons da Paraiba album in 2005. Recently has some remixes produced for Deep Samba (Makoto Kubota) and Mio Mazda, released in 2006 by JVC.

As a DJ works with live act, mixing sounds from machines in real time, some sets are performed with a singer and a guitar player, doing eletrosamba stuff and afrobrazilian elements.

Rig set

Part of my Live pa equipment set:
electribes em1, er1, es1, kaoss pad II, Microkorg.
Now working too with esx1, an 200 and reaktor.

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