sexta-feira, 12 de março de 2010

Saturday March 13 Rebel Up! Soundclash w/h Vega Selecta (PL), Process Rebel (US), DJ Chico Correa (BR) @ OCCII\

Hi Up to you Rebels, we’re back in business,
Rebellion, yes ! Against many things for sure and maybe for right now against this daredevil winter. When will it end ? Well let’s forecast some Summer previews within the walls of the OCCII, this Saturday, 13th of March, starting at 22.30 as usual for another groundbreaking party together.
This time after guiding to the limits of the deepest jungle through dub and newstep music will beam you up to the Brazilian coasts of Nordeste and finish up in a soundclash with no rule game where you’re invited to burn the dancefloor.
For those curious of the program, here comes the menukaart.


DJ Chico Correa
Our special guest has a real impressive CV for his age. Born in 1981, he’s already having its own electronic band, his regular DJ nights in João Pessoa, capital of Paraiba where he comes from. He will deliver for us one of his finest production called Pocket Band Live. You will hear, coming out of his bleeping funky buttons and pads various combination of Brazilian roots sound in a combination with own personal electro tricks. Watch out he might also use his guitar on stage and there you’re in for a treat.


Volante Filipeia session (with Chico Correa and Naza)
A double DJ set of cocos de roda, carimbó, Baiao, forró, mangue beat, mashups, only brazilian dancing music. Those who came up for DJ Tudo last November, you know how it feels, the others just come and guess.